Happy Feet Salon for foot massage and relaxation Oak Brook area in Illinois


We encourage appointments, yet walk-ins are always welcome.

Open 7 Days A Week
Mon-Sat 10am - 9pm
Sun 12pm to 6:00pm

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We will make room for you to treat your feet.

Welcome to Happy Feet!
A Retreat For Your Mind, Body, and Soul!

When you come to Happy Feet Spa, you will find affordable luxury, peaceful surroundings and a retreat for healing. You will also find a team of professional men and women who practice the art of relaxation by means of a thorough foot massage. This technique stimulates the entire body from head-to-toe to help reduce stress, insomnia, joint and muscle pain; while at the same time can enhance poor circulation, increase flexibility, fight aging, beautify skin, reduce aches, loosen tight muscles that will relax your mind, as it promotes overall health and wellbeing that will bring balance back to your soul.


Our feet are the hardest working part of our body that really takes a daily beating. So if you suffer from back pain, migraines, fatigue, or any chronic condition, let us restore you. A simple way to give tired, neglected feet a treat is to pamper them with a relaxing, deep, stimulating, first-class foot massage here at Happy Feet. People from all over Chicago and the more closely related Oakbrook area come to Happy Feet for this very reason. Diabetics come because it improves their overall circulation. Athletes visit us to soothe their muscle pain. Dancers visit us to get their feet back into balance. Musicians visit us to help with shoulder pain caused by the heavy instruments pulling on them. The elderly people want our massages to help them sleep better at night.

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A treat to Happy Feet will promote healthy living. It is more than just a foot massage, its therapeutic effects are priceless.

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